How To Speed Up Recovery After A Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is serious. Most people do not know that much about it and that is to be expected. Statistics show that most of the clients that are helped by and that are faced with this injury have no idea how lengthy recovery can be. This is a surgery that is going to be serious and that is going to be performed when the knee joint is severely damaged or when a severe disease affects it. Following the injury there will be a period when discomfort and pain will be felt. Fortunately, if the surgery went well and recovery is properly taken care of, everything will go really well and the results will be successful.

What Should You Do After The Knee Replacement Surgery?

A surgeon that performs knee replacement surgery will surely inform the patient about all the possible complications and associated risks. In some rare cases there are different precautionary measures that have to be respected. What is very important is to respect absolutely everything that the surgeon tells you. Since the procedure is major, different common risks like blood clots or infections have to be kept under control by the doctors. Besides these indications, you also have to know the following things.

Getting Physiotherapy

One of the really important things is to basically work with a physiotherapist that is as experienced as possible with knee replacement surgeries. The advanced and experienced specialists will do a lot of work to help the patient to restore movement and strength in a shorter period of time than what the body would be able to do alone.

The First Day After The Surgery

This time frame is the most important one for knee replacement surgery. After the surgery the physiotherapist and the nurses will work to move around the joint to the possible extent as soon as this is something that can be done. In many cases a patient is actually standing after one day. However, it is really important that the patient follows all indications of the professionals and that cooperation exists.

Using Walking Aids

Although the patient can stand up in most situations, the use of walking aids is something that is a reality. Doctors will recommend the use of the walking stick or a similar device in order to help patients to actually learn how to walk with the brand new joint. This is necessary for a number of days after the knee replacement surgery. In the hospital, leg support is given through temporary braces when extensive ligament damage appeared.

Home Protection And Follow-Ups

After going home, recovery will need to continue. The physiotherapist will keep being visited and doctors will give indications in regards with what needs to be done at home. In some cases the therapists actually visit the patients to help them navigate with ease while at home. At the same time, the doctors will always recommend follow-up visits. They are so important to guarantee a really fast recovery after knee replacement surgery.